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Our center also deals with the washing of boats

from fact Armatori Salentines, it allows to obtain an excellent result in terms of external washing of different types of vessels (including boats and yachts, which in most cases require a certain type of professionalism and delicacy in cleaning) and other treatments equally important for complete boat hygiene, such as interior cleaning and sanitation.

Our state of the art center also with regard to the treatment of vessels is concerned, in fact, cleaning and sanitizing any type of tissue, including carpet, fabric upholstery, sofas and armchairs: For best results, we use yes of the expertise and experience of well-trained and adequately trained staff, but also of high quality products, strictly selected among the finest on the market, delicate and non aggressive and suitable for every type of fabric.

In addition, we have state-of-the-art tools and machines to make it possible to clean and sanitize any type of fabric.

In the interior cleaning service, we generally include cleaning and hygiene of the cabin, hygiene and cleaning of the glass, washing and sanitizing of pillows and other fabrics. We also have an eye on one of the most common problems concerning boat interior, which is mold formation that can be created during the winter when the boat is not used.

We know very well that the interior of a vessel are often subjected to much more than other inner wear: particularly carpets, upholstery and cushions of a boat can be stained by oils, sunscreens, and the corrosive power of salt that can attack the tissue making it so full of unsightly stains.

Surface cleaning of these surfaces certainly does not improve the results: in order to completely eliminate bacterial agents, allergens, stains, mold or bad smells, it is necessary to proceed with a thorough and thorough cleaning service.

Specifically, the carpet and carpets are certainly the internal parts that are most likely to wear because it is precisely on them that they can accumulate debris, traces of dust, dirt and impurities in general. Therefore, we carefully take care of these treatments by carefully sanitizing them with products such as LCDA AriaPura which cleanses and sanitizes in a thorough manner by eliminating and counteracting the formation of new bacteria. In many other cases, however, we use specific products for the nautical sector.

Among our we include services pickup, cleaning and delivery of cushions: with regard to the treatment of tents, blankets and linens, we have a laundry room of our confidence with which we properly wash and sanitize the mentioned tissues , once cleaned, we will send it back to the customer.

We also specify that work on board is carried out with the utmost attention, concentration and delicacy as we are fully aware that any mischievous (even minimal) movement and any mistake in the cleaning phases can cause serious damage in very luxurious environments precious.

We use products from the best brands such as nautical division Sirpa, Iosso, nautical Cheetah, Mafra nautica, Teakwonder, Bluemarine.

The ozone-based sanitation system is able to better sanitize the interior of the yacht or yacht, without risking that tapestries may somehow become damaged.

At our center we also offer glass cleaning and steam cleaning services, the only truly capable of eliminating any bad smell and every trace of bacteria. Sanitation is carried out specifically with steam, injection and extraction systems, tornado system, active foam system and ozone system.

In interior cleaning, we use our equipment to achieve complete sanitization of the cabin and interior of the boat without compromising the objects inside the boat.


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