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Welcome to Salento Shipowners

Discover the world of the Salento coasts and the nearest Greek islands from Santa Maria di Leuca

The Mission and the philosophy of Salentini Sailors are largely contained in their name.

Salento is not only the place where the company operates and resides, but also the main inspiration and engine of the Salentini Armories project, which arises from the need to promote the wonderful coasts of Salento and the nearby and beautiful Greek islands.

Daily excursion

Island Fanò - Othoni
Every day of the week is useful to start

3 day excursion

Departure from the port of Santa Maria di Leuca. Crossing the Otranto canal approaches Fanò.

Free excursion for several days

you can arrange an itinerary, having the option of choosing between the Greek Islands of the Ionian Sea.

Mini Cruise costs Salento

Visit to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca (west side and east side).

Some of our services

Launching and hauling

To rely on our professionalism is the best and most comfortable way to put in the water and / or pull it off for your boat in a simple and at no risk.

Warehousing and storage

Usually, storage is carried out during the winter or more generally for all those medium and long-term periods that include a boat stop, such as extraordinary jobs, repairs, cleaning, and mechanical repairs.

Purchase and sale

We also have qualified personnel able to offer mechanical and technical advice for the evaluation of boats, inflatables, gozze, engines, etc.

Boat and yacht services

We believe that passions must remain passion and that is why we think all about us, our policy is to solve any problem for the customer by getting the best results from our staff and the highest satisfaction from our customers.

the best prices on the market 100% customer satisfaction

Why choose us

  • Wide range of services

    Salentini is a shipyard with state-of-the-art facilities that can provide its customers with a wide range of services.

  • our philosophy

    The relationship of maximum collaboration and clarity with the customer makes the Salentini Shipyard the ideal partner to evaluate and realize any kind of on-board intervention

General questions

  • Where is the boarding? +

    The boarding point is in Leuca's marina. It is reached by the main road leading to the Leuca waterfront. You will find there our own operator who will assist you for check-in.
  • Is it possible to bathe during stops? +

    Yes. All the stops in the line you chose will give you a chance to swim (unforgettable) in the waters of Sana Maria di Leuca or in the Greek islands ..
  • Is it recommended to go hiking with young children? +

    There are no contraindications for boat trips with small children. If necessary, you can bring a small stroller to leave on board during stops. On board there is shade.
  • Is there a half-day excursion? +

    You can tune in for the type of excursion.
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What our customers say

  • Welcome and cordiality, a rare commodity of these times, is aboard the means of these operators. An afternoon spent with a dip in the blue waters of the two seas: Ionian and Adriatic, visiting enchanting winds and sunshine to caress your face. To end an aperitif with typical products on

    image Gianluca Milano
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